EndoSurg Max System

  • interlaminar-approach-lumbar
  • dorsal-approach-cervical
  • Access: interlaminar and posterior
  • Indications: dorsal and lateral pathologies, e.g. herniated discs, foraminal stenosis central stenosis
  • Field of application: lumbar and cervical

The EndoSurg Max System is unintech‘s mostly commonly used full-endoscopic system for posterior decompression at cervical and lumbar spine. With the instrument set EndoPLIF the EndoSurg Max system is used for preparation the disc space for posterior lumbar interbody fusion.

The system consists of instruments clearly arranged in a double tray and the endoscope safely stored in a tray, which also has space for the endoscopic light guide.

The set contains all instruments (approx. 25), that are required as standard for endoscopic surgery, e.g. dilators, working tubes, various forceps, chisels, nerve hook, elevator, etc. They are optimally adapted to the procedure and the endoscope in terms of length, diameter and design.

EndoSurg Max Endoscope  
Working length 125 mm
Outer diameter shaft 10.0 mm
Diameter working channel 6.0 mm
Optic angle 15°
EndoSurg Max Endoscope

Principal steps of the procedure

Endoscopic pictures show cervical posterior approach (PECD)

Inserting the working tubes U and T
  1. Access to the target are after serial dilation
Endoscopic decompression with various instruments
  1. Exposing the target area (V-Point) and identifying the intact and untreated bony structures
Endoscopic view to intervertebral foramen
  1. Widening the access with electrical burr
Endoscopic decompression with various instruments
  1. Identifying the neural structures after laminotomy
Endoscopic decompression with various instruments
  1. Removing herniation
Endoscopic decompression with various instruments
  1. free neural structures – end of the procedure

Specific Instruments for Lumbar or Cervical Treatment

Inserted into the endoscope working channel

special instruments
stablizing tube

Stabilizing tube to keep the electric drills central and to avoid damage to the endoscope

endoscopic reamer

Working tube with long lip for a safe approach to ventral or lateral pathologies

working tube

Endoscopic reamer for removing bone spurs or open the annulus

EndoSurg Max Instruments for Decompression

  • Nerve hook and disector – curved and straigt for palpation
  • Bone chisel, curette and endoscopic reamer for boney treatment, e. g. osteophytes
  • Kerrison punches with rotatable shafts – straight and curved
  • Ligament punch – unique design for cutting Ligamentum flavum
  • Forceps available with different tips and in different sizes, resilient and durable due to the new and patented functional mechanism.
Nerve hook bone chisel
Kerisson punch cutting Lig. flavum, transforaminal access
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