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Focusing in all aspects.
Endosurg Standard Made in Germany

Endoscopes 2.0

Endosurg Standard Made in Germany

If you continually focus on top performance, you will one day set standards.

Our surgical methods follow the Open-Surgery Concept.

Focused on growth in all aspects.

Unintech products are supported by company qualified Engineers. Each product specialist can provide on-site consultations to consumers and distributors.

Unintech learns of emerging global market trends through close communication with Surgeons, Universities, Hospitals, Distributors and at trade exhibitions.

Focusing on growth for us means being there to help you on focusing on endoscopic spine surgery.

The Unintech Concept

Now - after more than 20 years of worldwide experience on endoscopic spine surgery - Unintech sets standards.

Based on existing endoscopic procedures, Unintech works closely with spine surgeons to further develop instruments and surgical methods for continuous improvement.

Our surgical methods follow the Open-Surgery Concept.

Unintech Endoscopes 2.0 make surgery safe and comfortable

Brilliant and optimally illuminated images with high depth of field due to the large lens.

Closeup Endoscope Lense

Safe and easy handling due to the ergonomic design. Durability due to the use of high-quality materials and modern production methods.

Unintech full-endoscopic systems

Corporate Philosophy

Since our establishment in 2019, our company has focused on the development and production of instruments, endoscopes and devices for the field of endoscopic spine surgery.

Since time immemorial, Asia and especially China has originated renowned and produced masterpieces in architecture, science and technology. Unintech ties in with this age-long tradition.

However, more than 85% of the precision instrument components are designed and produced in Germany.